Ars Oil

About Us

Ars Com Environmental Consultants have extensive experience working in Kurdistan and Iraq for Multinational Oil & Gas Companies. Ars Environmental Consultants more recently undertaken the following similar studies, all have been approved by Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of Environment.


Ars Company for oil product services is able to work in various projects.

The following projects can be done by our company:

Provide IT services.

Work on any type of project as civil works including road works. Building camps and providing all the type of cabins and fences.

Provide catering for both local and international oil companies.

Provide construction materials.

Provide camp transportations /equipment and all the type of liquid and dried materials from anywhere companies are request (overseas and inside Iraq).

Work and disposal any type of waste management materials including waste oil and cleaning all types of waste pits.

Provide all the type of fuels best quality for local and international companies including transportations.

Provide equipment’s for rent, the following equipment is available and owned by our company.