Ars Oil


Our company is comprehensive safety program, which is in compliance with the general industry safety orders per the OSHA guidelines. Our safety program consists of a code of safe practices developed with general safety rules for the construction industry and an injury and illness prevention program implemented by a safety director who maintains a system for ensuring that employees comply with safe and healthy work practices, including safety meetings, training programs, written communication, recognition and disciplinary actions, jobsite inspections and a labor / management safety and health committee. The effectiveness of our safety program has greatly reduced our injuries and illnesses and has increased the Safety Awareness of our employees.

This management system contains three basic program elements:

1 Management Leadership and Employee Involvement.

2 Hazard Prevention and Control.

3  Training.

Under each element are numerous sub-elements. This program contains descriptions

Of how the program elements and sub-elements are designed and implemented. Specific documents resulting from program implementation will need to be kept in an organized fashion.