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Angel Eyes or a review of the LED ring array

Angel Eyes. Either a review of the LED ring array.

As usual a small overview and implementation not for the intended purpose.

Ring LED matrixes or in another way angel eyes are usually used for modding the car as running lights.

Here is actually the product itself:

The size of a small background cell is one cm. Background Review.

This one has 40 two LEDs. External cross-section of the structure 70 three mm, internal 50 eight mm.

The matrix is in a scattering plastic plafond.

The design is not airtight. There are two wires connected to the matrix:

In the middle of which is a small black box:

The lamp has three snaps for fixing:

The seller sends two copies of the product.

Such matrices come in a completely ordinary form – just a ring of LEDs and wires. So in this one, it’s a full pack. The matrix, the wires, the plafond and…some kind of box. I’ve always wondered what’s in that little box?

PT4115 is an LED power driver. It equalizes the current and therefore the brightness of the matrix at incoming voltages from a little over eleven volts to 30 volts. Well more precisely the driver itself also works at the lowest voltage, but in conjunction with this matrix a low voltage when the stabilization begins specifically this. The entire design – the matrix plus the driver consumes 3.2 W. This power does not change when the supply voltage changes:

On the other side of the board:

MB6F is a diode bridge. Facing the driver. So you can connect the design in any polarity and even to AC voltage.

Brightness. At a distance of 1.The 5 meter sensor gives the highest illumination of 20 one lux. By comparison, from the same distance, a reflective incandescent bulb of two hundred and twenty volts, sixty watts gives an illuminance of one hundred and fifteen lux. The light is snow-white, a cool, very cool color.

Now about implementation. Modding the car was not in my plans, I needed a ring light for macro photography. The branded ones cost an unreasonable amount of money for non-professional use, and this thing is pennies, so I decided to try it out.

When you bring the camera close to the subject, it casts a shadow on the subject, often unevenly. The ring light is designed to remove this defect.

Oh, that’s how it looks on the phone:

And this is how it is on the camera:

And now a few pictures with the implementation of the ring light.

Here’s a photo of the pins from my connector review, made with this light: Connector Review.

Here’s another telling example, in the first photo you could not avoid the shadow on the subject, in the second, with the introduction of the ring light it is not:

The product was provided for writing the review by the store. The review is posted in accordance with the p.18 Website Rules.

Mitsubishi Endeavor specifications.

Mitsubishi Endeavor specifications and configurations.

Mitsubishi Endeavor – model range, complete sets, detailed technical characteristics by year of production of both new and used cars. Clearance, dimensions, dimensions, length, weight, consumption, weight, width, carrying capacity, height, clearance, engines, power Mitsubishi Endeavor.

Brand: Mitsubishi Model: Endeavor Class: Class A Start of production: 2003.

Options Box Power Start of production End of production Mitsubishi Endeavor 3.8 5AT 5dr Sport Coupe 5AT 218 hp 2004 2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor 3.8 AT 2WD 5AT Sport Coupe 5AT 218 HP 2003 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor 3.8 AT 4WD 5AT Sport Coupe 5AT 218 HP 2003 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor 3.8 5AT 5dr Sport Coupe 5AT 218 HP 2004 – Mitsubishi Endeavor 3.8 5MT 5dr Sport Coupe 5MT 218 HP 2004 – Mitsubishi Endeavor 3.8 5MT 5dr Sport Coupe 5MT 218 HP 2004 –

Official Mitsubishi dealers.

Description of the car Mitsubishi Endeavor.

The serial production of mid-size off-road vehicles Mitsubishi Endeavor was carried out in the period from 2004 to 2009. This model was created on the basis of the Mitsubishi Haberdashery crossover, from which it adopted a number of features of the body design, characteristic features of the layout of interior elements and excellent cross-country ability.

The appearance of the car is formed from angular lines, there is a well-defined stamping on the body elements. The body is reinforced with metal beams, due to which it has high rigidity, it becomes possible to transport more cargo, which can be placed not only in the trunk, but also fixed on the roof. For this, already in the initial version, the car is equipped with metal rails capable of withstanding a load of more than 100 kilograms. The comfortable cabin, decorated with high-quality materials, contains all the attributes necessary for comfortable travel. There are cup holders near all the seats, individual lighting sources, air conditioner air ducts are connected to the chairs, personal belongings can be stowed in numerous niches, and hidden under the seats.

The Mitsubishi bow features a high-profile bonnet stamping that tapers at a steep angle from the Endeavor windshield pillars to the center of the grille. The front lighting units have the shape of a rectangle slightly tapering towards the sides of the car. The radiator grille is made of two wide slats separated in the center by a massive insert with the automaker’s logo. The wide front bumper expands towards us, where square niches are formed, closed by horizontal blinds, and fog lamp cylinders are built into them. A trapezoidal air intake extends between the niches. Front and rear convex wheel arches are visually united by decorative overlays passing through the door surface; wide horizontal and vertical roof rails are installed on the flat roof. A well-defined radius of curvature is made on the trunk doors; an illuminated niche is provided for the installation of a license plate. The body has dimensions of 4830/1870/1768 mm, the base is 2750 mm. An impressive volume of 1153 liters is allocated for the luggage compartment, it can be increased to 2164 liters, the curb weight of the car is 1920 kg.

During the development of Mitsubishi, it was assumed that the interior of the Endeavor would be used not only for transporting passengers, but also could serve as a cargo area. Therefore, the rear sofa of the car is equipped with a system that allows it to be folded / unfolded into sections. For example, you can fold only the right or left section, as a result, while maintaining a sufficient number of seats, the trunk volume will significantly expand, you can take more camping equipment with you on the road. Next to the rear seats in the door pockets there are inserts that act as cup holders, the end part of the container installed between the front seats is equipped with adjustable air conditioner deflectors. On the high console to the right of the driver, there are cup holders, a leather-trimmed transmission joystick, an armrest that covers a small container. A block with a color display is built into the center of the front panel, which displays information about the temperature and current time. Under this block extends a console with numerous regulators, climate control keys, on-board systems, standard car audio. The instrument panel is equipped with dials overlapping each other, branded attributes are applied to the steering wheel axis.

The Mitsubishi Endeavor SUV is powered by a 218-horsepower gasoline engine. It has a volume of 3828 cm³, develops torque up to 339 nm, gasoline consumption on the highway – 11.2 liters, in the city – 14 liters, top speed – 180 km / h.

Peugeot 100 Seven 2012 2013

Peugeot 100 Seven 2012-2013.

Restyling more and more often becomes the only option to update the model of the car, although it must be said, almost always justifies the hopes and sellers, and buyers. A little more than 3 months have passed since the launch of sales in Russia new Peugeot 100 Seven (2012-2013 model year), and you can impartially assess whether this car is worth the extra effort of the manufacturer. Bearing in mind that the Peugeot 100 Seven has long been sold very successfully, ranking in the top 3 best-selling models Peugeot, its restyling attracts attention by definition.

City car A-class Peugeot 100 seven successfully competed with other European brands, including the co-platform Citroen C1. The highlight was the collaboration with the Toyota concern (the Japanese Yaris became the technical twin of the 107). Creation was begun in two thousand five years, but our homeland saw the Frenchman exclusively in 2007.

It is worth seeing that the process of conquering the Russians was difficult, but it ended very successfully: a couple of times the car was recognized as the best in the city-car sector in every year’s assessment of professionals. In two thousand nine years, a redesigned version went on sale, which showed significant configuration, affecting the appearance and comfort of the interior. The undercarriage remains the same, but the fuel-saving ability has increased.

Three years later, the company’s management decided on the next update of the Peugeot 107, for the car did not give up sales positions, even in the face of impartially strong rivals of the same sector. Fiat Panda, Daewoo Matiz and Chevrolet Spark can be considered as the main competitors of the small city-car . At the end of two thousand and eleven, the world already knew about the future update, designed to bring the Peugeot 100 seven in line with the new concepts demonstrated by the SR1 and HR1 in January of two thousand and twelve. The goal of the restyling was to create a modern style of the car, profitably distinguishing it from its co-Platformers, such as Citroen, for example.

Car review.

Thus, the hero of our review – refreshed Peugeot 100 seven – Now it looks like this. Naturally, the restyling does not imply cardinal configurations, so as before we see two body modifications: 3-door and 5-door hatchbacks. The body color palette has been expanded by one color – Now those wishing to purchase a Peugeot 100 seven in plum color (pictured). Other colors, more colorful (this is one of the distinctive features of the 107) are available in full. Wheelbase – permanent 2.34 m with dimensions of 3.43 x 1.63 x 1.47. The weight of the car is seven hundred and ninety kilograms, so that we are fully confident, fast and small-sized citizen.

The appearance has been updated, although not revolutionary, but very tangibly. Thus, the bumper got moldings, the hood got a nameplate and a sub-stamp in the central part, and on the edges of the grille there is a place for fog lights and LED lights. Both the front and rear headlights got a mask (for the front, matching the colors of the emblem «Peugeot», for the rear – contrasting black), with the first ones also palpably widened. In addition to the front of the body, the alloy wheels in the standard package have changed from the outside. The license plate is now located on the plank between the air intake grilles.


Interior designers also emphasized the compliance with fashion trends. Better quality of interior materials. The basic package and a 3-door and 5-door hatchback expanded in significant ways: leather trim steering wheel and gear lever, multilanguage audio system with 2 speakers, air conditioner, hanging tachometer, iPod connection system with Bluetooth and usb available at the lowest cost.

The manual transmission brought with it, by default, new paddles. The comfort of the cabin remains the same: despite its small size, the cabin can accommodate 5 people relatively freely, and even on the back row three people will sit quite comfortably.

The extended wheelbase, stretched relative to the length of the car by 68%, is to be thanked for this. The ergonomics of the driver’s and front passenger seats can also be added to the pluses of the model – at least there is side support. The volume of the trunk remained constantly small, although it is difficult to expect capacity from a small-capacity car – 100 30 nine liters as standard and 100 70 nine liters with the shelf removed. With the rear row seats folded down in the 3-door body, the trunk can hold seven hundred and twelve liters., In the 5-door – Seven hundred and fifty-one liters.

Technical properties.

If we talk about the technical properties of the Peugeot 100 Seven , under the hood of the redesigned car had a nice configuration. The available three-cylinder engine with a displacement of one liter and an output of sixty-eight horsepower.с. is not alone now (for the Russian Federation, where the 107s were not equipped with diesels, it was the only option). Model 2012-2013 will be pulling to the same gasoline 86 hp engine with a capacity of 1.2 liters.

Suspension is characterized by high comfort, but there is no revolution in the design: Macpherson struts in front, rear – semi-independent V-twist support. Both powertrains differ profitably from previous ones in the reduction of CO2 emissions – according to the estimates of professionals, this figure will now be 100g.

This very feature of the redesigned Peugeot 100 Seven New allows professionals to call it one of the best European city cars. A distinctive feature of the City Car that will appeal to all owners – engine economy. Gasoline consumption is 4.3 liters. Add to this the compactness and maneuverability of small cars and you can not think for a long time when choosing.


Both Peugeot 107 configurations are available in Russia. Base, dubbed Access, includes the aforementioned avtoelektronika and good-quality interior trim, as well as the indispensable anti-lock brakes, front airbags and integrated head restraints for the front row seats.

The Peugeot 107’s best equipment package, dubbed «Active», much more presentable for the potential owner: it includes fog and halogen headlights, LED lights, electric front windows.

Basic configuration Peugeot 100 seven in the Russian Federation is available at a cost of three hundred and eighty thousand rubles. This is a big plus , because cheaper in the sector of foreign urban small cars only Ukrainian ZAZ-Chance. True, the already mentioned Chevrolet Spark, by definition Spartan, is equipped somewhat richer and has a more spacious interior.

And the Kia Picanto turns out to be better than the best modification in everything, not counting the price – The difference between it and the Peugeot 100 Seven Active will be about 50 thousand rubles.

Peugeot has made a car whose three cylinders are sufficiently filled with 4.6 liters of fuel, so that the hatchback could run, on its own 14-inch wheels, a hundred kilometers in the mixed cycle. But, frankly, the Peugeot 100 Seven was not made entirely by Peugeot and not entirely by the French! Peugeot 107, as it is clear, is created within the framework of the Franco-Japanese experience of PSA Peugeot Citroen Group and Toyota Motor Company.

The Peugeot 100 Seven, a three-cylinder, 68-horsepower, variable valve timing gasoline engine, is produced at the plant in Poland, built by Toyota. That’s where the five-speed gearboxes are made, including their manual versions.

The car is assembled in the Czech town of Kolin, the same place where two other clone microcars are created: the Citroen C1 and the Toyota Aygo.

The cars are similar in everything, except for the exterior and interior design. And, the main difference, the Peugeot 100 Seven differs from its competitors in that it began to be sold on the Russian market.

After the premiere of C1, "107th” and Aygo, a couple of years ago, there was a widespread belief that, instead of the Peugeot 107, the Russians would do just fine "206”. But, as time has shown, — Russians don’t feel sorry for small and cheap cars.

Especially since the competition in Russia, the smallest Peugeot will have to compete with not the most prestigious competitors, namely: with Chinese, Uzbek and Korean variants on the theme Daewoo Matiz.

The prospect of becoming a favorite among them seems far from hopeless. The Peugeot 100 Seven looks like a mink coat, which lining is made of a kind of turf. In other words, it leaves a better impression from the outside than from the inside.

Elegant headlights , hood with protruding "eyebrows”, the broad grin of the central air sink – Ladies are going to love this handsome guy! The Peugeot 100 seven simply has no back cover: only the glass opens. It’s hard to fit large bags into the gap, but SIGUENA from Spanish to English the loophole makes it very comfortable for photographers "shoot” Rear-mounted cars. But inside the Peugeot 100 seven — avant-garde. The seat is soft, the plastic is rough, on the doors and at all – painted metal. Original of course, but it would be better to put the trim back.

You can see the speedometer between the steering wheel core and the top of the rim. Tachometer – function. Heater control – The interesting round thing on the center console. Yes… space here has to be saved! Of course, once again the sense of style has not betrayed the French, but how do you compare it with comfort?? Speaking of economy and comfort. In the most ordinary Peugeot 100 seven the most amusing price tag, but it completely lacks the attributes of car civilization. There is no seat height adjustment, no air conditioner, no electric package – You have to open the windows and adjust the mirrors manually. However, the first few meters on this car is unlikely to give anyone pleasure, because there is not even the electric booster. Even a man can hardly turn a steering wheel at low speed… That is why we advise ladies to look closely at the Trendy configuration with electric power steering included in the base.

Peugeot 100 engine has seven – very vocal; perhaps even very. The car trembles with the annoying roar of the 1-liter engine. If you really want, Peugeot 100 Seven can be forced to rush as a stolen, while in fifth gear, its speed will not exceed 100 30 km, but the fuel consumption reaches mind-bogglingly low values. At "Fourth” and the highest speed will be over 140, and even over 100 50 km. But it is not possible to achieve a sharp acceleration: the car will accelerate smoothly and quietly. The Peugeot 100 Seven will rush forward, still ringing its three "pot” (the soundproofing could have been worked on better) and firmly clinging to the asphalt.

The stability of the car is excellent . The Peugeot 100 Seven goes steadily, without sway and vibration, as if it does not exceed the allowed dynamic maximum. Suspension at "107th” – very compacted, very good at working out small bumps. The larger ones have a rumble and a palpable bump on the body. On sand or small gravel, machine-gun fire begins on the wheel arches. To get off the asphalt, I want to emphasize, on the Peugeot 100 Seven is possible without nasty consequences. Arches "107th” The wheels are inflated and widely spaced at the corners: the frontal overhang – 65, rear – 40 four cm. This not only makes the car better steerable and more stable on the road, and allows you to drive over bumps without the risk of scratching the bumper.

Naturally, there is no question about any off-road capabilities of the Peugeot 100 Seven, but still, since this Peugeot has been brought to Russia, it is nice to think that it is, to some extent, ready for our roads.

But are they ready for such a car in Russia?? — it’s hard to say. Naturally, the Russians have already got used to the fact that a small car is not necessarily not worth enough, so the price of the Peugeot 100 Seven will not scare us. But here’s how we’re willing to shrink our own cars and take pride in their maneuverability, sacrificing all that "by authority” of a huge car? Especially since even the Peugeot 107 won’t make it through our traffic jams.

Prices for the Peugeot 100 Seven start at three hundred thousand rubles. In the base – 3 door body, 1.0-liter engine with manual transmission, Abs, two airbags. You can aggregate the motor with a manual transmission 2-Tronic, paying three hundred and forty seven thousand rubles., This price includes power steering with adjustable steering column and front power windows.

18 best microphones for vocals

18 of the best microphones for vocals.

Not all microphones can boast the highest quality of voice capture. Often accessories record vocals so that it seems as if the recording was мейд on an old phone recorder. And this defect can occur as on thrifty devices, and on models from the average price sector. So you do not make a mistake in the choice and were not disappointed in the purchase, we have мейд you a selection of eighteen best microphones. They are perfect for singing, have the right features and good sensitivity.

The best cost-effective microphones for singing.

Among the cheap models there are fully applicable examples for voice recording and live performances. In the selection got accessories whose price does not exceed six thousand rubles. The devices are presented by AKG, Shure, Maono and BEHRINGER.


BEHRINGER C-3 condenser microphone is suitable for recording vocals, and for concerts. The model has the ability to reduce the sound down to -10 dB, has a button low pass filter and switching pattern. Assembled reliably. The singer’s voice can be recorded without outside noise, but only in good sound-proof conditions and with a high-quality sound card.

The model comes with a poor package: it has a stand holder and a case. The cable, pantograph, pop-filter and windshield must be received separately. Significant disadvantages of the device: flat sound and clutter in the low frequencies. According to the users’ reviews, this jersey is more suitable for concerts than for recording. True, the accessory quite captures all the shortcomings of the voice.


The condenser mike for beginner singers. Reasonable price and solid body, untainted sound in the price category up to six thousand rubles. – The model’s main advantages. According to reviews, the average life span of the device is eight years. The recording quality of the C-1 is far from more expensive microphones, but it is worth the price.

Disadvantages: no stand and pop-filter, writes noise, ringing in the tops, the recording requires painstaking post-processing. Although such commas are not found on all models of the device, Mike obviously falls short of the title of “best” among vocal microphones. But for those, who knows how to work with sound and has in its possession not bad equipment, C-1 will serve faithfully as a concert mike and in the studio.

3 Maono AU-A03.

The Maono AU-A03 has everything you need for a home recording studio. This microphone is equipped with tripod stand, windshield, pop filter and adapters Jack 4pin (dad), 2x Jack 3pin (mother). According to the manufacturer the device belongs to the condenser models, but in fact it is electret. The sound quality is good, but not up to the mark. To make the recording fun to hear, AU-A03 is recommended to use in conjunction with a good external sound card (XLR-XLR wire) or with phantom power.

Disadvantages: there is some noise, when connected directly to a PC writes very quietly. Over time in the bracket there is a play. But you can live with these minuses, if you look at the price of the microphone. After a painstaking option it is suitable not only for vocals, but also for recording podcasts, video voiceovers.

2 Shure SV100-A.

An economical model from the American company Shure. Dynamic microphone with cardioid directionality. The device is designed to record vocals, voice communication and podcasts, video, karaoke. Not suitable for live performances. SV100-A fits comfortably in your хэнд and has a power button. Lightweight and handy. Comes with a long cable for 4.5 м. This model is good for beginner musicians. The recording quality is average, but after processing sounds much better.

The accessory is definitely worth its own money. There is no stand included, no pop filter, no windshield. All these things you have to buy separately.

1 AKG P5S.

Dynamic microphone, which owns the good indicators of sound recording for the price category to six thousand rubles. The model deserves attention at least because it has a supercardioid directionality. And this is unique for thrifty microphones. The device records vocals, cutting out unnecessary noise and interference. Does not hum from other equipment. Vocal transmission is natural. No deafening or synthetic sounds. On the case has a switch.

As good as the AKG P5S is, it is not suitable for performance on stage. Perfect for home recording and studio work. For gigs, you’re better off with something more expensive: a wireless radio system or a professional mike.

Video review.

The best USB-microphones for recording vocals.

They say USB isn’t the best solution for high quality recording. But the models below, break the stereotype. Some of the microphones can completely replace more expensive wireless devices and accessories with XLR-connection. The selection includes models from Ritmix, Audio-Technica, Samson, M-Audio.

4 M-Audio Uber Mic.

South-American company M-Audio has released a condenser microphone with three polarities: cardioid, bidirectional and radial. The device came out balanced, with a good frequency response from thirty Hz to twenty thousand Hz. The model comes with a comfortable table stand, cable and USB-adapter. The accessory works without phantom power. Suitable for streaming and amateur vocal recording. The display shows data on the sensitivity of the detectors, mode of operation (there are 4: standard, bi-directional, stereo and integrated).

There is a headphone jack and integrated sound card. Microphone is worth its own money, but it still has one drawback – it catches noise. Noises, noises from the street – all this gets on the record. Problem solved by adjusting the mike or post-processing.

3 Samson C01U Pro.

C01U Pro – a microphone with USB interface, which is suitable for beginners and professional musicians. Works with all operating systems, has a jack for headphones. The model is armed with an integrated sound card and windshield. When you listen to yourself while recording there is no delay one hundred percent. The sound is untainted, but occasionally still asks for post-processing.

For some users, the microphone was a little noisy. Despite the presence of windshield extraneous sounds, clicks, breathing and other sounds still get on the record.

2 Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB.

Condenser model with USB connection and integrated audio card. The ATR2500-USB microphone is versatile: it can be used for vocals, video recording, audiobooks, and just talking. The gadget comes with a stand and a USB cable comfortable length of 1.8 m. Volume-controlled headphone output: the signal is transmitted without delay or distortion. Connects to your PC without any additional options or looking for the right software.

According to users’ reviews, the sound quality of the ATR2500-USB is four-plus. The accessory does not quite make it to the “excellent” rating because of the noise, which is still recorded from time to time. To the disadvantages of the owners of the model also include unreliable mounting, the lack of a pop filter.

Video review.

1 Ritmix RDM-180.

RDM-180 amuses with a rich complete set at a fairly economical cost. The tripod, pantograph, pop filter and wind shield are included with the microphone. Connects via USB. Model is good for recording vocals as well as for podcasts, communication. Vocals are recorded without excessive noise: pop-filter and windshield dampen the noise. The RDM-180 has no phantom power and no humming noise.

The disadvantages are in the weak construction of the pantograph: elements stagger and creak during assembly. Mounting to the table is very weak, so it is better to buy another stand or change some parts.

The best dynamic microphones for vocals.

The models in the selection are designed for live performance. Least sensitive than condenser units. Microphones of this type have the highest overload capacity. Thanks to this feature, the dynamic models allow you to record not only the voice, but also the instruments. True, not all gadgets do it perfectly.

5 Shure BETA 58A.

Dynamic studio microphone for recording vocals. One of the best models of the South American manufacturer Shure. Features a small weight (only two hundred and seventy-eight grams), supercadioid directivity, a good frequency response. These models are available in wired and wireless performance. BETA 58A writes untarnished sound, behaves perfectly at a live performance. Feedback from users say that the model in sound quality is ahead of the SM58. Suitable for professional and home studio. Improves the timbre of the voice, makes backing vocals and vocals more catchy and rich. Holder and adapter for the rack and cable are included with the accessory.

No disadvantages for BETA 58A assembled in Mexico. The Chinese models are often suffering from the quality of sound transmission, well, the assembly is several times worse.

4 AKG D5.

Studio microphone with supercadioid directionality. In cost, reliability and voice transmission is not inferior to the famous models of Shure. In this accessory the thickness of the diaphragm varies from edge to center, has a noise protection, мейд in the form of double vibration isolation. Dynamic AKG D5 is suitable for both vocal recording and performance on stage. Amateurs can use it as a microphone for karaoke.

The disadvantage of the device only one – a narrow capture area in the front. Because of this, the accessory has to be placed close to the sound source.

3 Shure SM58-LCE.

Profound dynamic microphone that gives a spotless sound with minimal distortion, even at the highest sound pressure level (SPL). It is distinguished by a reliable assembly, the presence of integrated windshield and damper, the frequency transmission spectrum of fifty Hz to fifteen thousand Hz. The SM58-LCE is one of the best solutions for voice recording and live performances. Not in vain this model is so beloved by foreign and Russian musicians.

Users complain about the higher price the microphone, awkward stand (stand) and the lack of a power button (there is another version of the SM58SE). Choosing this model, you should know that it does not belong to the universal. The voice will be written as a 5+, but the instrument only as a 4. So for guitar, drums or keyboards you need to choose another microphone.

2 Shure 55SH SERIESII.

Studio microphone, мейд in a unique retro-style. The price, of course, is far from economical, but the highest price tag is justified by the build quality, good technical features and beautiful design. The manufacturer calls the 55SH SERIESII the Elvis microphone. And it’s true, this device is an exact replica of a traditional T-shirt. Directionality is cardioid, the voice is recorded without obstruction. Versatile: great for vocals as well as instruments. The case is cast, the capsule is shockproof.

The greatest disadvantage of the device – very high price. For this price you can buy a fully applicable Mike even with a complete tripod. And the quality of the recording with all this will not suffer much. 55SH SERIESII – excellent dynamic microphone for those who like to stand out from the crowd.

1 Sennheiser E 835-S.

One of the most affordable and durable dynamic microphones for vocals. Good value for money. E 835-S has a power button on the body, which is comfortable when recording in the studio. Compared with other dynamic models, this accessory has a more affordable price. The frequency spectrum here is slightly higher than in the Shure SM58: from forty Hz to sixteen thousand Hz. The voice is recorded with palpable bass, treble and midrange are voluminous, close to reality.

This studio microphone is not without flaws. Owner’s feedback speaks about unsuccessful acoustic decoupling of the body from the capsule.

Video review.

The best condenser microphones.

Devices of this type have a wide frequency spectrum, more sensitive to sound than dynamic models. They are lightweight, comfortable and ergonomic. Suitable for studio recording, but can also be used for concerts. They produce untainted, transparent sound.

4 Audio-Technica AT2020.

AT2020 – recording quality ahead of more expensive Chinese models. Naturally this is not a cheap solution, but for its price Mike gives a fairly untainted sound. Lady’s vocals are natural, does not make the voice dry and deaf. Connects via 3-pin XLRM, there is a modification with USB, but the quality of the record is much worse. The device is equipped with a cardioid diaphragm of small weight, has a wide frequency range from twenty Hz to twenty thousand Hz. Model is used for digital recording and live performances. Works without drivers, but with an audio card. In reviews of users of the AT2020 not to find negative.

Significant disadvantages accessory has not. Only the package is a bit poor: the microphone is supplied without a stand (there is a holder), windshield and pop filter.

3 AKG P120.

AKG Perception one hundred 20 condenser microphone is a good solution for under ten thousand roubles. The price is worth it. The model is universal: suitable not only for vocals, but also for streaming, recording video and voice communication. Works with phantom power, connects to a PC through an external sound card. The quality of the record – good, but from time to time recorded background noise (depending on the characteristics of the additional equipment). There are HF and LF presets on the cabinet.

According to the reviews of users, the accessory has a minimum of flaws. The package is poor here: there is no cable, stand and pop filter. You will have to buy it all separately. Another minus – a little overpriced. All the same for nine thousand two hundred and fifty rubles. I would like to get a microphone at least with a cable.


Condenser Mike with a spider and a table stand included. Works with the sound card, requires phantom power from nine to forty eight watts. Zinc die cast housing with dural diaphragm. Directivity pattern is cardioid. Suitable for home studio vocals. Not suitable for concerts because of its high sensitivity. Microphone writes volumetric, unstained and airy sound. Can also be used to record instruments.

Disadvantages of the model – a great coverage of ambient sounds. Large diaphragm captures extraneous noise, so it is recommended to record in a room with good noise isolation. The tripod is uncomfortable: it is very difficult to fix the microphone in the right position.

Video review.

1 Octave MK-319.

MK-319 is a condenser model for professional singers and those who demand the quality of the sound recorded. The microphone has a cardioid directionality. There is a filter woofer, swivel included. Suitable for recording vocals and instruments (brass, strings and plucked, bowed, drums). The accessory can be used for podcasts and video. Vocals are recorded without noise only in the studio criteria. At home the recording will have to be processed.

User reviews of the MK-319 positive, but still the model has a number of shortcomings. Almost 3-4 years ago, the accessory was half the price, at the moment the price is very overpriced. The significant disadvantage – over time, the body loosens. If you use the microphone carelessly, it quickly falls into disrepair. But if you follow the rules of operation its average life – 6-7 years.